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How and why it works!

Animal-Assisted Therapy Group

Aquila recently completed our first eight-week animal assisted therapy module. During this closed group, clients were able to interact with a greyhound named Alma while processing the co-occurrence of trauma and addiction. Therapy dogs are specially trained to go into health facilities and interact with all members of a group, being open to spontaneity and demonstrating loyalty and affection to all group members. Aquila will restart the next module its animal-assisted therapy group in January! 


Interns prepare for new careers

Aquila congratulates four of our counseling interns, for completing their master’s degrees and continuing their careers in the helping profession! Since it’s inception, Aquila has been at the forefront of counselor training and education. Interns gain unique opportunities to help facilitate therapy groups, conduct 1 on 1 counseling sessions, and participate in multi-disciplinary team meetings to advocate for client needs! Congratulations to the intern class of 2019!


Holiday Dinner at the Recovery Homes

For our annual pre-Christmas dinner, the two Aquila recovery houses combined forces and enjoyed a delicious NYC inspired Chinese food feast for all those who won’t be going home for the holidays.


Staying Fit Physically

Today we are proud to announce all AQUILA housing clients are enrolled in our local Crunch gym. They are all thoroughly enjoying and reaping the benefits of what exercise can add to mental and physical wellness during early stages of recovery 


A New Independent housing level

AQUILA housing is proud to announce beginning in January we are introducing an independent level of sober living for those attending CCP level groups and thus continued success within the housing and clinical aspect of AQUILA recovery.

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