Providing a Restful Environment While Working on Your Recovery


Aquila Recovery is very pleased to offer our clients the option of residing in one of our Recovery Homes as they receive treatment at one of our two Washington, DC area clinics. 

With designated Men’s and Womens’ Homes, we strive to provide our residents peaceful, safe and welcoming environments where each individual is able to continue working on their recovery while surrounded by others who are equally committed to living a life of recovery. 

Aquila Recovery Homes are provided as an optional living arrangement for current Aquila Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) or Outpatient Treatment (OP) clients.    

In providing a structured environment where all residents are held accountable, not only for their treatment activities at the Aquila Recovery Clinics, but also for their community involvement – be it working, volunteering or going to school.  Our homes are about facilitating the transition into long-term recovery living, and creating new habits that include being an involved and healthy member of one’s community.  

What are recovery homes?

The Right Living Environment for Individualized Recovery

We have two phases at our Recovery Homes that address the different needs of our clients during their time as a resident, Primary and Independent.

A Primary Living Resident is typically someone who is in their first few months of treatment at Aquila’s clinics.  This is the time when a higher level of structure that is proven to be significantly important in aiding an individual’s recovery.  This period typically lasts for 3-4 months.

An Independent Resident is someone who has completed all of the requirements for transitioning to this phase of residency that includes receiving approval from both their primary clinician & the Housing Director as well as following all of the housing standards during their time as a Primary Living Resident.  The housing standards of this stage are more relaxed and allow our residents to continue their transition back into their “normal life” while still surrounded by others who are committed to recovery.   This period typically lasts for an additional 2-3 months.

We cap the total time (combining both primary and independent living time) at 7 months.  By that time we expect our clients to be ready to step back more fully into more traditional living environment, using all of the skills and knowledge that they learned as a client and resident of Aquila Recovery.

Of Note:  Aquila Recovery residences do not provide direct clinical or medical treatment in our homes.

If you are a medical professional, loved one, or potential client looking for a residential recovery home in Washington, DC, please contact us.