The primary goal of Aquila Recovery's Women’s Residential Home is to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for women, ages 18 and older, who are committed to engaging in treatment at Aquila Recovery. 

Residents of the Aquila Recovery homes agree to live by a set of standards that have been established by our Leadership Team; which has over 15 years’ experience managing Recovery Homes.  These housing standards are intentionally designed to aid individual recovery as well as create a pleasant group living environment for all of our residents.  These standards are distinguished by the two distinct stages of residency, Primary Living and Independent Living

Women's Primary Recovery Living

In addition to being a current client of Aquila Recovery, women living as a Primary Living Resident are expected to be fully engaged in the following activities in support of their recovery:

  • Attend all group sessions, individual sessions, and specialty sessions (like 12 Step programs) as outlined in their Aquila Recovery treatment plan
  • Follow all Primary Living Home Standards
  • Attend a weekly house meeting
  • Actively engage in the community for a minimum of 20 hours a week, by;
    • Being gainfully employed
    • Actively seeking employment
    • Volunteering
    • Attending school

What are recovery homes? 

Women's Independent Recovery Living

After completing all of the expectations during the 3-4 month time as a primary resident, a resident can become eligible to graduate to Aquila’s Independent Living category. 

Understandably, once transitioned to being an Independent Living Resident, our women experience a much more autonomous life style with much more relaxed housing standards.  That said, our Independent Living Residents still benefit from a safe, healthy and comfortable environment which to continue their recovery.  

For a woman resident to be considered an Independent Living candidate, she must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 90 days living as a Primary Recovery Home Resident, fully complying with all housing standards
  • Meet all individual treatment requirements as discussed and confirmed with one’s primary Aquila Recovery clinician
  • Attend a minimum of two days per week at Aquila Recovery Clinic
  • Maintain consistent 20+ hour "work week" as an employee, volunteer, or formal student for no less than 30 days
  • Maintain a recovery accountability contact/partner relationship with someone who is outside of the Aquila Recovery eco-system
  • Get final approval from the Aquila Recovery Housing Director

We know that true, long term recovery is heavily reliant on the healthy reintegration back into one’s home environment. It is our goal that in providing recovery houses – along with ongoing therapy -  each Aquila client will be able to use this time as a resident to establish new and healthy patterns in their daily lives; be it at work, at school, as well as within one’s social world. Aquila Recovery Homes are established to aid our clients in doing just that. 

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What Past Aquila Residents Thought of Their Stay...

I was a resident at the women's recovery house for a total of 7 months. Making the choice to enter into the home is what I credit with supporting my track to almost a year of recovery from drugs.

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