Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Treatment for substance use disorders, and other co-occurring mental health issues, is not universal. There is no one size fits all treatment program. At Aquila we provide client focused treatment which is delivered at varying levels of care.

What are Partial Hospitalization Programs? 

Partial Hospitalization Programs, also referred to as PHP, provide continuum of care for patients. Our Partial Hospitalization Program, offered at our Washington DC locations, is a structured level of care that provides partial hospitalization or day treatment services while living independently. It provides a highly structured and very intense treatment alternative to inpatient treatment. Our program provides balance between direct medical supervision and individual accountability.

PHP can be the next step of addiction treatment or the first step, depending on the level of care necessary.

Who is it for?  

  • PHP can be the ideal next step for patients who are transitioning out of residential care, i.e. those who have undergone inpatient or residential treatment, usually after a detox.
  • It can also be the first stage of treatment for some patients, i.e. those whose substance use disorder is high level but not intense enough to warrant the intensive nature of treatment that is provided at the inpatient and residential levels. 
  • Our Partial Hospitalization Program is also used for patients who have experienced a relapse as its intense structure allows patients to create a firm foundation in their recovery journey.

What can you expect? 

The following are some of the elements that may be part of the PHP treatment depending largely on the level of individual care required:

  • Medication management
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy 
  • Family therapy
  • Experiential therapy

What does the PHP treatment plan involve?

Our Partial Hospitalization Program is a 2 week program that is typically followed by 4 weeks of intensive outpatient treatment and a further 10 weeks in our outpatient program. During the 2 weeks of PHP treatment patients can expect:

  • A time commitment of 30 hours a week 
  • 15 group sessions per week
  • One individual session per week
  • One medical appointment

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